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Once again Coca-Cola wants to teach the world to sing, this time with the help of rapper G Love and the song Chilltop, which is a remake of their famous 1971 Hilltop ad, where young people were singing the Coke anthem, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing [In Perfect Harmony], on a hilltop. The song was later recorded by The New Seekers and became an international hit.

Coca-Cola are hoping the new version, I'd Like To Teach The World To Chill [Take Time To Stop And Smile], will have a similar instant connection with today's teens and young adults. This time the drink is Coca-Cola Zero, a zero-calorie soft drink. Will things go better with Coke?

This week we offer 20 variations of the Coke theme before I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing. This Coke campaign, Things Go Better With Coke, stretched from 1966 to 1969 and covered an entire generation of the coolest acts from pop to country, rock to soul.

These Coca-Cola commercials have never been released before and are unique and different from each other.

These tracks are no longer available for download.

  The Seekers (1.4MB)
  Fontella Bass  
  Tom Jones (1.3MB)  
  Jay And The Americans  
  Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders  
  Jan And Dean  
  Freddie Cannon  
  Gary Lewis And The Playboys (1.4MB)  
  Petual Clark (1.5MB)  
  The Supremes (1.4MB)  
  The Troggs  
  Lee Dorsey  
  Leslie Gore (1.5MB)  
  The Vogues  
  Roy Orbison (1.5MB)  
  The Drifters (1.4MB)  
  Nancy Sinatra (1.4MB)  
  Joe Tex  
  The Fortunes  
  Lulu (1.5MB)  
  The American Breed  
  Jay And The Techniques  
  The Box Tops  
  The Bee Gees (1.5MB)  
  The Tremeloes (1.5MB)  
  Aretha Franklin (1.5MB)  
  Sandy Posey (1.5MB)  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell  
  Marvin Gaye (1.4MB)  
  Brooklyn Bridge  
  BJ Thomas (1.4MB)  
  Carla Thomas  
  Jerry Butler  
  Carla Thomas & Jerry Butler  
  Vanilla Fudge  
  The Moody Blues (1.4MB)  
  Ray Charles & Aretha Franklin (2.2MB)  
  Ray Charles (2.2MB)  
  Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart  
  The 5th Dimension (1.4MB)  
  Gladys Knight & The Pips  

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Secret Machines
Chicago 2005

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Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland 2005

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Coldplay - Koko Camden, London 2005
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Lambchop - Tanz-und Folkfest Rudolstadt, Germany 2004
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M.I.A. - Radio Show
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Various - Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds
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Jimmy Page's Lucifer Rising
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Brian Eno's Music For Glitterbug
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Jon Anderson's Lord Of The Rings: The Unreleased Yes Songs
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Mal Waldron's The Cool World Soundtrack
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The Fearless Freaks, feauring the Flaming Lips
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Vangelis - The Complete Blade Runner Soundtrack (selected tracks)
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Sonic Youth - Plays Stan Brakhage
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R.E.M.'s Ahoy Rotterdam 2005
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Bright Eyes - 9.30 Club Washington DC (Jan 29, 2005)
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Led Zeppelin And The Bombay Orchestra's Led Zeppelin In India: The Lost Sessions Vol 2 - Bombay Magic
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Neil Young's Chrome Dreams (Rust Edition)
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The Who - Orchestral Tommy; The Who - Tommy At The Metropolitan Opera House; Calexico - Lee's Place; Prince - Fillmore; Ian Dury - Rare Boots & Panties; Eric Clapton - Philadelphia 2004
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Patti Smith's E-Werk, Cologne, Germany, July 17, 2004
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Elvis Presley's Finding The Way Home
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The Carpenters' More Offerings
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Dave Douglas' Speaking Truth To Power Modern Music Protest
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Neil Young's Last Album
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Elvis Presley's Desert Storm
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Frank Sinatra's Historic Oakland Concert
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Radiohead's Black Tuesday
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Neil Young's I'm Happy That Y'All Came Down
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Beck, Bogert & Appice's Good Bye Lady
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Wilco's The YHF Demos
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Black Sabbath's Asbury Park, Aug 5, 1975
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David Bowie's The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust
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Miles Davis' The Complete Live At The Cellar Door
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Pink Floyd's Brain Damaged Empire
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