WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN [till the next boo-boo]

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"When Cedric Foo says all NS men are treated equally, is he living in Fantasyland?
Hi Yo Silver Awaaay!"

- The young, restless and cynical Mirror Of Opinion

HORSE LATITUDES [The saga of the White Horse]

"All NSmen are treated equally and are deployed in vocations and units based on SAF [$ingapore Armed Forces] operational requirements, their medical classification, and their academic and military performance. No NSmen has been accorded special privileges.

"Prior to year 2000, the term 'white horse' was used to identify sons of influential persons to ensure such enlistees were not given preferential treatment."

- Minister of State [Defence] Cedric Foo (above) told $ingaporeans, Nov 10 2003, that all soldiers in the $ingapore Armed Forces are treated "equally" despite the children of "influential persons" being specially classified as "white horse[s]".


Minister Foo said they include sons of ministers, members of parliament, ex-ministers, ex-MPs, nominated MPs, ex-NMPs, doctors, senior civil servants like senior SAF officers above the rank of LTC. Or senior police or SCDF officers above the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner and also a big group of people who earn $9,500 a month.

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