Noel Vera

Critic After Dark:
A Review Of
Philippine Cinema

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"You may not always agree with Noel Vera’s trenchant views on the art and craft of filmmaking - and I must confess that we don’t have the same pantheon of film heroes - but you have to grant that his reviews are always eminently readable. The insights are enlightening, the scholarship is reliable, and the humor is wry and dry."
- Pete Lacaba,
screenwriter, film criti
and journalist,

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M. Shahid Alam

Is There An Islamic Problem?
Essays on Islamicate Societies, the US
and Israel

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Banned In Da Singapura
Since its release in 2000, The Boredpucks' Banned In Da Singapura has become a modern Singapore classic. When it sold out, with demand still coming in from Malaysia, the album was pirated. This reissue has been remastered with three bonus tracks.



From Outside

Having a wide spectrum of influences and styles, Genetic Habit have embarked on a loosely defined musical approach and aimed to provide an unpredictable voyage for their listeners.



Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers

Eleven tune-terrific tracks featuring the single, Siti, (Are You) My Number One and The Kids Who WTF. Malaysian newspaper The Star says: "This band's strength lies in the lyrics that sputter and spread themselves over furious hooks and pounding off-time drumming. Often the tales are satirical..."


Bugs And Hisses

Twenty-two tracks of hard-to-find Oddfellows rarities. Tracks include Your Smiling Face (live at Botanic Gardens); The Song You Said I'd Never Write (rough mix); Foggy Daylight (7 Year Itch EP); So Happy (live) and Teenage Head (previously unreleased)



Father Mucker... Rhythm On A Tightrope (GSP)

Gopal is the Malaysian who played with Jimi Hendrix a long time ago in a London club. Father Mucker is a new album where Gopal explores the tabla in an eclectic and electric setting. The tunes all have a blues-rock bias, strong on riffs, instrumental virtuosity and with a funky rhythm.



The Hungry Ghost

The songs of The Hungry Ghost peek into the mystery of everyday existence and evoke bizarre, unfathomable situations. Gothic folk anyone?

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(Special Edition at $25, comes with X' With An X CD)
By X'Ho
"Are you sure this X' person is not a decoy from the marketing department of Speakers' Corner?"
- a Singapore Democratic Party supporter

"X' should just join
Gripe-aholic Anonymous and recant."
- Sumiko Pan, a nobody




The Story Of The Quests

By Henry Chua
This first book on Singapore's greatest pop group is an autobiography by one of its founders, bassist Henry Chua, who wrote Shanty, the first original pop composition to hit No. 1 on the Singapore charts.
They were the first act to record in English, Chinese and Malay.


By Sabri Zain

The sacking of Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in September 1998 led to the rise of a Reformasi (reform) movement in Malaysia. Sabri Zain's FACE OFF chronicles the sweeping political and social events that rocked Malaysia in those tumultuous days.

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Titles include X-Men: Heroes For Hope; Capt America #308; Iron Man #197; Moon Knight #23; Secret Wars #3, 7; The Mighty Thor #405-407; Marvel Age; Marshal Law #1; Metropol #1; DP7 #1, 4, 5, 8 and more




Titles include Adventures Of Superman #424; Official Teen Titans Index #1-3; The Phantom Stranger #1; The Spectre #4; Wasteland #1-3; Watchment #7-9; Legends #1-2; New Gods #6; History Of DC Universe Book 1, 2 and more



Titles include Elementals #1, 5-10; Mage I #15; Fish Police #1; Cerebus Jam #1; Freak-Out On Infant Earths #1; Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos #3; Next Man #2; Area 88 #2-5; Kamui #12; Miracleman #3, 14; Lone Wolf And Cub #2, 4; Shatter #9 and more

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BigO #189
(September 2001)

16th anniversary issue. When The Quests went on tour; 10 years of The Oddfellows; Hope Beyond La Vida Loca; interview with Fishtank; reviews include Nanci Griffith; Charlie Haden; The Ramones; Case; Zero 7; and Tsai Ming Liang's What Time Is It Over There?


BigO #176
(August 2000)

Sex, Lies & $ingapore plus interview with's Samuel Leong; Open up your minds for Global Chaos; Straight from the lips of Nashville Pussy; One on one with Edward Yang;
reviews include Calexico; Eminem; Modest Mouse and Tosca


BigO #88
(April 1993)

Comes with Lion City Hardcore
CD (featuring Stompin' Ground, United Blood; Voiceout; Upright and more); interview with Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy; Van Halen in a nutshell; reviews include Dinosaur Jr; Doug;as O; The Pooh Sticks and more