HEADROOM (or why we like to hear from you)

"Repression... is a habit that grows... an intimidated press and the government-controlled radio together can regularly sing your praises, and slowly and steadily the people are made to forget the evil things that have already been done, or if these things are referred to again they are conveniently distorted and distorted with impunity, because there will be no opposition to contradict."
- Harry Lee, Oct 4 1956

Your emails, questions and requests:


Just wanted to let you know that all of our Genuine Masters "Hybrid DVD-Audio" titles will play in any normal DVD Player or computer DVD Rom Drive.

You do not need to own a SACD or DVD-A player to enjoy the great sound and music on our titles.

A Hybrid DVD-Audio disc (GM titles) are discs that can be played in normal DVD players. To be called a Hybrid DVD-Audio disc the audio on the disc MUST BE featuring LPCM audio.

The Hybrid DVD-Audio disc standard was formulated by the DVD Forum community in 2003 so that the high end LPCM audio format could be enjoyed by the mass-consumer market who could not afford to buy high-end SACD & DVD-A players and discs. Most people own and can afford to buy a normal DVD Player so the DVD Forum community developed the Hybrid DVD-Audio disc standard.

LPCM is the only audio format that does not compress the audio. Dolby Digital is a lossless and compressed format. We at GM only recommend and uses LPCM in our titles.

I hope this information is of some interest to you and your readers. Keep up the great work at BigO!


Via internet

EDITOR'S REPLY: GM was referring to this item we ran recently - "Genuine Masters will release July 7, Led Zeppelin's "Bonzo's Birthday Party" featuring both a soundboard/ audience mix and a complete audience source in a double-DVD-Audio set. We thought SACD and DVD-A players are extinct." Thanks for clarifying.


What an interesting set of diverse musicians [Slow Music Project]. Every Friday is always like my birthday. Never know what gifts I might find. More Fripp and his circle (Eno, etc.) would be welcome. Now if you have some Hawkwind in the archives or Van Der Graff Generator. I don't need to tell you what to put up. I am always amazed by the folks I know and the 'new to me' discoveries. As you know we are getting more and more musically isolated which is ironic. When there is so much amazing music being played.

Your site is the best I have found on the web.

in Vermont.

[The mountains finally are green and the bugs are ferocious.]

+ + + + +


You're the bomb. Keep up the insightful information.

Dave Jones Jr
Via Internet

First, I want to say thank you very much for posting the rest of the David Gilmour show. It is an awesome display of talent by Dave and company. Also I must say that the Roger Waters show would be the perfect other bookend to my Floyd collection. Please could you post the rest of this show for all of us Floyd fans to enjoy?! Thank you very much for all the great music and keep up the good work.

Via Internet

I only recently discovered your site. I enjoy it very much. Lots of nice music, also new discoveries (for me especially the Jazz and "modern composing style"). But also older material from my musical heroes such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. From the latest you (once) had a "Singing our Birthday song CD" download which isn't download-able anymore. It says I can contact you if I want to download it, so this is my "request".

Via internet

I'd just like to say that your blog is brilliant and I am one of your biggest fans! Could you please make 'Secret Machines' gig available for me to download? Thanks

(London, England)

How would it be possible for me to get m'hands on a copy of the Parliament/Funkadelic documentary, 'One Nation Under a Groove' that you guys have? I missed it when it was on the BBC here in England and have been trying to get hold of it for a while. Any help would be great. Thanks,

Harry Waine
Via Internet

EDITOR'S REPLY: For those who want a particular show that is in the Audio Archive, we have a contest called The BigO Maths Puzzle #3 to help you win this show. Follow this link and take part: http://www.bigozine2.com/features06/mathspuzzle.html

+ + + + +


Thanks so much for making the David Gilmour second set available again. I am listening to it now. Very cool! I was around when Pink Floyd was in their early days and I remember well having the poster that came with Dark Side of the Moon behind an empty aquarium in my college digs.


Very, very kind of you to offer the rest of the David Gilmour show, as is the case with everything you open up for us. I enjoy reading the weekly emails too. Thanks so much.


Thank you for the David Gilmour Bridgewater Hall boot, discs 1 and 3. The sound was absolutely tremendous! And as a connoisseur of all things Floyd of some years now, I would go so far as to say it's the best one I've heard (well the Paris Theatre 70 & 71 give it a run for its money, but I digress...)

Sorry I missed disc 2. Please let me know if you have any plans to post it again...

Ronnie Carnwath

I love this recording! Please offer the rest of the show! I have gotten into many bands through your ROIO of the week including most recently Green Zone...great stuff. Thanks!!!!!


+ + + + +


With great sorrow, we regret to inform you that Dr. Suzy's June 10th Birthday Bacchanal Celebration will be postponed until further notice.

Unexpected and unfortunately, Dr. Block has been hospitalized for emergency surgery. Currently, she is in critical condition and recovering slowly. Please know that Dr. Block is fighting for her life. She will need time to rest and heal, in order to return to her usual, vibrant self.

On behalf of Dr. Block, we appreciate your patience, support, and understanding.

Get well or Birthday wishes to Dr. Block can be sent to the contact information below. Rather than sending flowers, donations can be made to Dr. Block's passion, the Bonobo's.

Sincerely with Love,

The Block Team

REPLY: We always enjoy your thought-provoking essays. We are very concerned to hear of your emergency surgery. Take care and get well soon.


June 2006

Dear ICE readers:

It's with careful consideration and a heavy heart that ICE magazine has decided to close its doors, after 19 wonderful years.

In the very near future - perhaps just a few days - we will post a URL here which will lead to a Q&A blog in which I'll attempt to answer all of your questions regarding ICE's closing and its 19-year history. I don't wish to just disappear on you.

In the meantime, I'm extremely pleased to announce that no less than Billboard magazine will be taking over ICE's subscriber list starting with its June 17 issue (mailing June 10).

In the magazine business, whenever a publication folds, it searches for a like-minded magazine to take over its subscription list and fulfill the remainder of its obligation to subscribers. So I'm very, very tickled that we struck a deal with the oldest and most respected title in the entire music business.

For over a century, Billboard has been called "the Bible of the music industry," and for good reason. You all know what they do; I don't need to tell you. But did you know that Billboard now publishes more than 60 U.S. and international charts of the week's biggest hits, plus reviews of new albums and singles. Its news and feature coverage is very music- and artist-intensive, and I always considered them a strong competitor of ours for music scoops, which they often beat us to. Since they're weekly rather than monthly, their information has always been more timely than ICE's.

And to top it all off, they've just added a regular column, and "Coolest Garage Songs" chart, by none other than Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steve Van Zandt. It was a tremendous coup by Billboard and has made it a more compelling read than ever before - and I've been reading them since 1968, when I got my first subscription as a 15-year-old. I think after just a few issues you'll be very tempted to renew with Billboard and keep their cutting-edge information coming, now that ICE is no longer in business.

Thank you kindly for all the years, my friends, and don't forget to check back here soon for that link to my Q&A blog, which will give you a chance to air all of your pro and con thoughts about ICE in a public forum, with my comments as well.

With best wishes always,

Pete Howard
ICE magazine

+ + + + +


Hi... love your website, it's fab. Would be really keen to watch/ d'load Dylan's Renaldo and Clara. Can you help?

via Internet

REPLY: Sorry we don't offer videos at all.

+ + + + +


We read this at the Steve Hoffman Forum and are passing on the info to CD collectors. New EMI discs cannot be copied at all, not even for personal use:

"Although EMI/UK's copy protection process was ostensibly only aimed at stopping copying on computers, I have now confirmed that recent titles are encoded to stop a first generation copy onto an SCMS-equipped, non-computer digital recorder (ie. portable or hi-fi component Minidisc, DAT or CD-R recorders equiped with Serial Copy Mangement System to stop seconnd generation digital copies).

"Recent EMI/UK CD's such as The Hollies' Staying Power are encoded so that SCMS circuitry will perceive the EMI CD to itself be a copy, and then block the CD from being copied.

"In many countries, the legislation which required SCMS in consumer digital recorders also specifically legalized first generation copying (in the digital domain) from CD's.

"In the U.S.A., copy protection such as that used on this Hollies CD would be in blatant violation of the 1991 Audio Home Recording Act, and would constitute (in the words of the Home Recording Rights Coalition), "A failure to encode properly with respect to SCMS".

"I discovered this new trick on EMI/UK's copy protection when I tried to copy the Hollies CD onto my hi-fi component Minidisc recorder. While I do have a portable CD player, my favorite portable format is Minidisc, because of the small size and light weight of the portable players, and the fact that the discs are small and protected by a plastic "caddy", so I don't have to take my CD's & CD-R's with me and risk scratching them.

"The record companies haven't offered music on Minidisc for many years, and when they did, the discs used poor quality early versions of Sony's ATRAC data compression system. The early versions of ATRAC had audible side-effects. So today, the only Minidiscs are homemade ones.

"I soon found a way to defeat EMI's system. I own a rack mountable pro audio CD-R recorder (Fostex CR200, which ignores SCMS, and can be set, via rear panel switches, to record without SCMS). I then made an SCMS-free CD-R of the Hollies CD, and then I had no problem digitally copying the CD-R onto Minidisc.

"In most countries, encoding a CD to block copying onto an SCMS equipped consumer audio recorder is blatantly illegal. Someone must make UK/EMI aware of that. I don't think that I'm being unreasonable to want to use music from the CD that I bought and be able to take it with me on a portable basis via Minidisc. Computer downloaded music is not an option for me, since I don't own or understand computers (my internet access is via MSNTV2 on my TV screen)."

Phil Cohen

+ + + + +


Incredible site. I came for the music, but stayed for the info!!


EDITOR'S REPLY: For all those who want a particular recording from the BigO Audio Archive, we are now having a simple Maths Puzzle where you stand to win 1CD of your choice from the Archive. Click here to take part: http://www.bigozine2.com/features06/mathspuzzle.html

+ + + + +


Would like to download or buy a hard copy CD of their 1970 show. Please advise.

Richard Cassel
Via internet

EDITOR'S REPLY: For all those who want a particular recording from the BigO Audio Archive, we are now having a simple Maths Puzzle where you stand to win 1CD of your choice from the Archive. Visit here to take part: http://www.bigozine2.com/features06/mathspuzzle.html

+ + + + +


I was at a show in Tarrytown NY Saturday afternoon with John Simon, Lew Soloff, Howard Johnson, Lew Scott & Ed Caccavale. I gave Mr. Johnson a recording I found of his band Gravity from 1996. He was very grateful for this recording which he did not know existed.

He then told me of a session he played at in Japan in 1978 with Archie Shepp that was recorded by the soundman. It was the 3rd night that Archie Shepp was in Japan (maybe June 7). Mr. Johnson had a cassette copy for years, but it was stolen some time ago at a gig. If anyone knows any collectors who might be able to help, you will make Howard Johnson very, very happy.


Editor's Note: If anyone has it, please contact the Grape at thegrape@gmail.com

I have really enjoyed the MP3's recently. The eclectic mix is killer. "Free jazz" to wacked out Scandinavian punk. Really loved the Braxton and Murray. Do you have any Can or Soft Machine in the BigO Archives? Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Vermont, USA.

I was VERY IMPRESSED reading all the detail about The Complete Buddy Holly - where is it available? [I am in the UK.]

Via internet

Editor's Note: It was compiled by the Purple Chick collective. Not for sale but free distribution. Good luck on your search.

+ + + + +

Thanks for the great Bladerunner gift - greatly appreciated! A gem!

Malta, Europe.

I am greatly enjoying the mailings, contests, news, music reviews, and archives. BigO, along with the mashup community, has rekindled my passion for music. I recently encountered a difficulty though. You might be aware that it was recently tax preparation time in the United States. The week before taxes were due, my hard drive failed. I had a 2.5 week old backup, so I only had to re-do 20% of my taxes. Unfortunately, I also lost a ROIO that is now unavailable for download, Led Zeppelin at Long Beach Arena (For The Benefit Of Anyone Making A Bootleg). I would not normally request access to expired downloads and consider it my fault and my loss if I miss them, as I have nothing to offer in trade, but I was particularly thrilled by this recording. May I please have the opportunity to download these tracks again?

Jim Cox
P.S. - Professor Red's background information on this ROIO was amazing.

Turn it up! Thank you.

Via internet

I could have a guess at which Americana band that is covering Badfinger's 'Baby Blue' but I think I'll leave it: not as good as Aimee Mann's B side version anyhow. Great site - I keep putting people onto it.


+ + + + +


Folks, your site rocks... and I must add that I've never seen such a wonderful place with so much information and quality music. Though I don't have anything to trade, I'm happy for the information available and the other wonderful music available for downloading. Please keep up the great work and please add me to your mailing list. Thanks again & U R-o-c-KKKKKK!



Hello! Here's my review of FTD release BIG BOSS MAN. Feel free to use it on your site! Regards,

Crister Berge

EDITOR'S REPLY: We welcome Crister's thoughtful and always entertaining reviews of Elvis albums released on bootlegs or the hard-to-find Follow That Dream label. Follow this link to the review:

+ + + + +

Thanks for the quick reply about the unfortunate unavailability of the Steely Dan music.

I just discovered your site a few days ago, and am sorry I missed out on some of the stuff you have made available in the past. Any chance of The Band's "Tombstone" ever finding its way back on here?

But, most of all, I wanted to say how thrilled I am with that Pink Floyd "BBC Archives" music. That was an outstanding find. I am so grateful to have it. They were such an incredible, creative band. We forget that sometimes, when we only hear Dark Side or The Wall on the radio, even if I own all their CDs. And John Peel certainly was to be admired for all he did for real musicians. I remember the first time I ever heard Pink Floyd was on a BBC show broadcast back in Pennsylvania (USA) in the early '70s. I still remember where I was when I heard "Careful With That Axe Eugene" that night, and how Pink Floyd captured my imagination. We need another John Peel.

Thank you again.

John Fiorentino

Hey, is there a newsletter or anything with updates for the Recordings Of Indeterminate Origin section? Thanks, I dig your site.

John McLaughlin

Hello, I've checked the impressive list of live recording you published on the BigO Audio Archive website. I would like to get one of these recordings, here is its name:

Sonic Youth - Paris, Cité de la Musique 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 66090] live at Cité de la Musique, Paris, Oct 26, 2005.

Please resend me a mail to explain me how I can get it and what you'd expect from me. I could send you a list or something, too. Thank you,

C. B.

+ + + + +

I'm interested in listening to the Nirvana Reading Festival '92 or the In Utero Albini mix. Also any Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, or David Bowie that you have. Thanks a lot, and great job with the site -- I am recommending it to friends.

via internet

Dear friends, I would enjoy to download Pink Floyd's BBC archives from your amazing page. Please let me know how to manage this. Many thanks.


Best email I got all week!! Really appreciate your effort and the time. Amazing...I have a very large music collection that is constantly being updated and digitized. I have three hard drives holding over 73,000+ plus songs and always looking for rare and quality gems. I look forward to spending time visiting your site.

Dave Jones, jr
via internet

I've been subscribed to you for some time and have really enjoyed lots of the music and political comment! To get some of the archived CDs do I have to have something to trade? Please let me know what I need to do.


Thanks for the great posts, especially Neil Young, I was in the audience, balcony first row. THANK YOU so MUCH!!!!



Your Section on Buddy Holly Complete gives extensive info. But in Volume Six, the first six tracks that comprise the demos that were overdubbed by Jack Hansen (1959 & 1960), what I want to know is WHO PLAYED THE LEAD GUITAR on these tracks. I have wanted to know this for about 40 years. Unfortunately it gives the rest of the musicians and singers but not this lead guitarist, who did such fine solos on "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" and other tracks. Thanks

Peter Brown

REPLY: Can anyone help?

Please whoever can bring this to light...we must have those Buddy Holly discs that you featured. Are there downloads available somewhere? Thanks


+ + + + +


Thank You for your job! I discovered your magazine recently, but now, everyday, I connect with You because You have another point of view about the world. Moreover, You have a special quality: You like music. I just downloaded Lou Reed Live in Venezia 2002 and the Great Pink Floyd Gig 1972! Sugoi, Japanese people say. And I repeat with them: sugoi!

I ask You if You can put again on-line these artist:
- Keiji Haino & Coil - Plays the Blues
- Shinobo Goto - Samplex
- Derek Bailey and John Zorn - Live at Tonic
- Fripp & Eno - Peel's Session
- Eno - Musci for Glittenburg



Many thanks for making the Metal Machine Music files available again! I downloaded them this morning and everything sounds perfect. It was very kind of you to open a new window for letting people who missed it the first time get this stunning performance from your archives. Thanks again, sincerely yours

Franco Gallo
Crema, Italy

Thanks so much, this [Pink Floyd - Best of Tour '72] will be the 6th show from the Eclipse tour that I've got now and each one has been unique in its own right. Again, much thanks to you. Peace,


I have been a subscriber to your emails for only a short time, and I want to thank you not only for the music, but also for the politics. I like your perspective on things. It's a pleasure to read.

Chris Smith

I love your site!...I try to check in regularly, but must have missed the Fripp/Eno Peel Top Gear session that you had up... if there's any chance of putting it back up, I'd be most appreciative.


I have seen your tradelist, but I'm looking for something weird, maybe you can help me? I need some bootlegs of the Hungarian rock band Locomotiv GT, they visited USA in 1974, and also England, maybe you have some of this? Or maybe you know someone who have it? Stay in touch!


REPLY: Can any reader help?

+ + + + +


I'd love the MP3's from the Chicago SECRET MACHINES show that's on the site (but no longer available for download), if possible?? Ooh, that Led Zeppelin show sounds like a DREAM... thanks for posting it!!!


I've just discovered your truly amazing site through a friend of mine and would like to know if there's a way to download the following titles:

- Neil Young: Last Album
- Neil Young: I'm Happy That You All Came Down
- The Band: Tombstone
- Keiji Haino/ Coil

Thanks for telling me!!! Keep on doing your great job.


Please let me know when you have new rare recordings to download. Thank you very much.


Thanks for the prompt reply. This is an awesome music site. I'm so glad that a friend of mine turned me on to it! Not sure I agree with the politics, but music crosses all boundaries. I'm going to get trained in audio editing later this year (ProTools), so keep me in mind down the road if there's any way I can help you out. Cheers,


For more... email singbigo@singnet.com.sg with the message, "Put me on your mailing list."